Total Flooding Systems/ Atom – X

Our waterless HFC 227ea Flooding System is a revolutionary firefighting system. Designed and equipped to initiate firefighting within seconds of the fire being detected, this automated flooding system safeguards the entire area.

Also, due to HFC 227ea’s green nature, this gas-based extinguishing agent ensures that the fire is put out without causing any collateral damage to the premises, expensive equipment, or the Earth.ATOM – X is Pre Engineered Retrofittable fire Suppression System

Water Mist and Spray Systems

Some of C&C’s revolutionary fire suppression solutions use a water-mist technology system, enabling it to be used safely on electrical fires. With its massive cooling power and increased coverage area, water-mist kills even the largest of fires in minutes, rapidly bringing down the temperature to below combustible levels, and cutting off the oxygen supply completely.

100% green, Water-mist causes no damage to equipment or the Earth. Making it absolutely safe to use on electronics, sensitive equipment and above all else human lives.

Electrical Panel Fire suppression systems

Our revolutionary Quick Response System combines ground-breaking technology with functional simplicity. Armed with a heat-sensing tube, this direct system is entirely self-activated, and requires no human intervention once it has been installed. In case of a fire, the heat-sensing tube bursts and releases the extinguishing agent stored inside directly onto the fire. This makes it especially beneficial for microenvironments where the fire hazard is likely to be in an enclosed space.

Advantages include:

Classification:  works on class A, B, C fires and fires involving electrically-charged devices.

Electronics-Friendly: shown to be electrically non-conductive and is safe for electrically charged equipment.

 No Clean-up Required After Discharge: after a discharge, the extinguishing agent can be removed by simple ventilation (it won’t leave behind oily residue, particulates or corrosive material).

24-hour Protection: automatic detection and actuation controls ensure fire protection is always ‘on’.

Lower Storage Requirements: stored in cylinders as a liquid and pressurised with nitrogen; takes up to seven times less storage space than any system based on CO2 and inert gases.

Easy to Install: The Standard mounts make installation and maintenance very simple and easy.

Server Rack fire suppression systems

C&C’s Server Rack Suppression System has been specifically built to the specifications of a server rack. It concentrates on protecting the server itself, rather than the macro environment around it.

When the detectors sense a rise in temperature above normal levels, or particles of smoke or a change in the quality of air in the contained server space, the detectors activate the system and the extinguishing agent is discharged. As it activates, an alarm goes off, warning personnel about the fire.

All components of this system including the detectors, controls, extinguishing agent cylinders and alarm devices are packed together as one modular unit.

For high air flow server racks, the system comes with a Highly Sensitive Smoke detection option. The optional IP Module gives the user the power to monitor the health of the system through web on a computer or a smart phone and receive email alerts and alarms in case of emergencies.

Kitchen fire suppression systems

The system uses a specially formulated, non-corrosive wet chemical extinguishing agent and a specially designed heat-sensing polymer tube to combat even the worst kitchen fires.

When a fire breaks out, the heat-sensing tube that runs under the kitchen hood detects the rise in temperature and bursts to let the pressurised wet chemical expel. The extinguishing agent is sprayed over the fire area, dousing the flames and bringing down the temperature to below combustion levels.

Transformer/Electric Substation/Generator Fire Protection Systems

As all round supplier of fire suppression systems, Cool & Care offers custom fire detection and suppression systems for substations and transformers. Every fire safety solution offered by Cool & Care is carefully reviewed based upon quality, durability, effectiveness, consequential damages, environment, personal safety, and costs.

Electric Substations are considered especially high risk as they contain a number of features that represent particular fire risks, including:

  • The equipment in substations operates at relatively high energy levels
  • Some substation equipment contains significant fuel loads
  • Large cable banks contain significant masses of flammable material
  • Substations are generally unattended.

For transformers and substations of high rated power and voltages (above 120 kV), it is recommended to provide a fire protection system that uses a water spray fixed system. These waters based and mist protection systems include fire pumps, water spray fixed system/nozzles, valves, specialized valve components, and piping. This, coupled with fire alarm detection system, will ensure that you and your high-powered critical equipment are safe and protected.

Custom Fire Protection System

Cool & Care’s modular systems are custom made, unique, suppression systems that are specially designed to defend and protect certain microenvironments and conditions unique to a company own specific requirements.