Using the wrong extinguisher on a fire can prove fatal, and often there isn’t enough time to decide which extinguisher to use. With C&C we take the guesswork and confusion out of choosing an extinguisher and save time in the face of dangerous fires.

We offer a wide range of Portable & Trolley Mounted Fire Extinguishers [ABC Powder, Water & CO2 based extinguishers] ready to fight large fires without any collateral damage.

We are also able to provide a more portable solution in our designer series Home & Car Fire Extinguishers [ABC Powder & Clean Agent-based] that come in aesthetically pleasing designs and colours.

Some of our specialized line of extinguishers include:

Quad – named after the four state-of-the-art Multi-Rotors working in sync in each container, this system brings together the efficiency of a fire extinguisher with the power of a hydrant – without the drawbacks.

Standalone- this self-contained standalone firefighting device is suitable for locations with no ready supply of compressed air and water. This easy-to-use system features an in-built pressure container, water storage unit and an optional foam supply unit.

Ceiling Mounted extinguishers – Extinguishers that are able to put out fires in areas that are beyond the reach of normal Fire extinguisher. They detect the rising temperature of the area and activate automatically, ensuring that the fire is brought under control early & efficiently. They are effective against all classes of fire.