Our VRF cooling systems prove to be more advantageous than traditional split air-conditioning units for many reasons, such as:

  • Multiple indoor units connected to one outdoor unit, instead of the one to one system common with individual split AC units
  • Each unit can operate as an individual or collective unit based on requirements
  • Can maintain a constant, fixed temperature
  • Design flexibility- can be adjusted based on the space constraints or layout of location
  • Life-span of system can exceed 10+ years if well maintained

Some of our services and offerings include:

  • Advance multi-split system (AMS III), Chiller based systems, and VRF Systems
  • Ductable, Concealed, Cassette, Hi-Wall, Floor Mount, and Ceiling Mount units, specifically chosen for the clients needs and taste
  • Duct installation or cleaning assignments based on the client’s requirements
  • Maintenance and management of newly installed or existing HVAC and VRF systems

We take care of everything from design to complete installation.