General surveillance solutions are no longer enough to serve the needs of growing organizations, such as those in DRC. Modern day enterprises need solutions specific to problems experienced in their unique industries. Surveillance systems have adapted to these changes, increasing what modern day CCTV equipment can achieve. A wider suite of features are now supported by our modern day security systems, including: perimeter security, parking management, server management, integration with access control, and multi-location security.

Centralized Surveillance Systems

Enterprises with branches scattered across different locations require solutions to help them monitor and supervise multiple locations simultaneously. Centralized IP based video surveillance has become the leading and most utilized way to manage multi-location offices. These systems allow the user to carry out live monitoring of all the cameras connected at various places as well as configure public and private IP, maneuver group cameras from different servers and Video Recorders, playback the recordings, and even save pictorial evidence in case of suspicious activity.

C&C is equipped to manage your surveillance system requirements and recommend top of the line equipment and installations services. Motion Detection, Intrusion Detection, Parking Management, as well as Tailgating and License Plate Recognition are just some of the added features incorporated into our systems (depending on specific requirements).