The main purpose of access control is to grant entrance to a building or office only to those who are authorized to be there. However, these systems can go a step further by providing an effective way to monitor and manage access.

Here at C&C, we can offer flexible solutions that will be easy to manage. Whether it be IP-based access control as a standalone system or an integrated system as part of a unique solution for your company (where multiple systems can all work together to provide reliable protective security); Our services extend beyond installation with unrivalled support via helpdesk and on-site maintenance to ensure your system can be relied upon for continuous protection. C&C is ready to service all your access control needs.


Employee Management Solutions (EMS)- via Access Control

Systems put in place for organizations to cover people movement management via Time-Attendance, Employee Self Service Portal, Access Control, Visitor Management, Cafeteria Management, Roster Management, Contract Workers Management, Vehicle Access Management, payroll management, and Job Costing.

Cool & Care can work together with your business to create an integrated solution, including hardware devices, software platform, and a suite of software application modules.