UPS & Inverters

A steady rise in the embrace of complex facilities and interconnected networks has deteriorated the output of power quality quite conspicuously. To cope with a crisis as such, and protect your equipment from voltage sags, line noise, surges, low-voltage occurrences, swells and harmonics, all you need is Cool & Care’s power solutions. No matter what the level of reliability your organization demands, our power supply solutions can help you get your job done and let your company operations function smoothly.

Cool & Care offers a range of technologically advanced UPS systems which ranges from 100 VA to 1 MW or more, single phase to 3 phases, and has a run time of 3 minutes to several hours. Cool & Care also provides you with novel management and monitoring power quality alternates for your data center infrastructure equipment. Our power monitoring solutions include software, network management cards, and instruments for UPS management, monitoring and safe data center shutdown system.

We understand the crucial significance of UPS systems, and therefore provide you with the best range of solutions to maximize your IT up-time.

Our inverted systems provide you with a high load capacity with a long service life. Inverts are responsible for converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) to supply power to various equipment which ranges from the most critical telecommunications equipment to other equipment like tools and computers. Given the performance, design and functionality of our inverted systems, we ensure you expandable power levels and the cleanest true sine wave in your power inverts.

You may rely on our alternate AC inverter systems during utility power problems such as blackouts, voltage fluctuations and surges. Usually, when utility power is present, an inverted facilitates power supply to your equipment alongside simultaneously charging all your connected batteries. However, in case of a blackout when the utility power supply is snapped, inverters shall switch automatically from utility power to a backup battery power.

So, if you are in need of the smallest switch-mode inverter or a large industrial inverter system, Cool & Care promises to offer you the best solutions in terms of performance levels, robust design and high reliability. Our team of expert professionals backed with years of knowledge and experience in power electronics has delivered proven results while offering total site power solutions. We also ensure complete environment-friendliness as all our power solutions function noiselessly without emitting any noxious fumes that may possibly harm your business environment.