OS & Database

Simply put, an operating system is responsible for managing all the hardware and software associated with a system, and establishing the link between a user and the resources. Cool & Care specializes in providing your organization with up-to-date Microsoft technology based operating system solutions. We assess your business goals and identify a solution that meets your business needs in the most befitting way and thereby helps you leverage your business agility and growth.

No matter where you want your organization to reach, you cannot negate the relevance of Microsoft Server 2019 – an operating system that can help you bridge on-premises environments with Azure services thereafter enabling hybrid scenarios and maximizing existing investments. So, if you are looking to implement a sought-after operating system in your IT environment to get hands on seamless service – essentially a series of enterprise-class server operating systems designed to share services with multiple users and deliver extensive administrative control of data storage, applications and corporate networks – Cool & Care can help!

Apart from providing operating systems such as MS PC OS and MS Server OS, we also have in store Linux based operating systems to serve you with uninterrupted service. Being widely used on corporate and scientific servers as well as cloud computing environments, Linux has continued to be a favorite of many programmers. Cool & Care takes pride in taking IT practices to the next level with Redhat Linux operating systems. Redhat Linux ensures you of a consistent and stable foundation across hybrid cloud deployments and a built-in manageability. In a nutshell, we reassure that every technology within your IT environment is in sync and works together in harmony.

Benefits of Getting Hands on our OS & Database Services

Easy administration - At Cool & Care we understand how difficult it is to manage an entire business and how burdensome it gets to invest hours in the name of OS & database administration. Thus, we have done the needful in advance, so that you can get away with easy administration.
Scalability - With growing business needs, the number of virtual machines in the cluster grows exponentially according to load. Requirement of more storage space adds up too. That is exactly what we take care of, incorporating high scalability.
High availability - What a nightmare it would be to be unable to access the OS or database just when you need it. Real time operations come with advanced needs and we make sure you don’t have to stop because of technical issues. Thus, we take high availability as our main focus.
Performance - With us you sign up for the best performance with constant monitoring!
We bring under one roof all of the above and more without letting the cost soar high! So, join hands with our top notch OS & Database services and watch your business grow!