Active Networking

Switching & Routing

Sometimes, it may happen that your network is bogged down due to increased traffic and the number of devices trying to access it. In such cases, to have an effective communication system in your business environment, you need appropriately integrated service routers and local-area network switches. The network is the crux of your business IT operations. Not only does it move data within the local network but also routes the data in and out of the external network systems. Needless to say, your organization’s productivity depends greatly on a fast and secure network.

A network router has picked pace on evolving from being a device dedicated to connect disparate networks to becoming an integrated service device which is multi-functional. It is a building block for leveraging your organization’s communications such as voice, video or wireless accessibility. On the other hand, Local Area Network switches form the core of all networks by providing high-speed connectivity, communication and application systems. One main concern is to transmit several bandwidth-intensive data, voice, video and wireless applications securely and effectively through proper networking; thus being able to provide for evolving traffic patterns, advanced services and optimized application performance.

We, at Cool & Care, furnish your business environment with the heart of networking, i.e. Switching and Routing, and connect the arterial pathways of your network systems. Choosing the right architecture and products for your network is quite a challenge given the number of alternates available in the market today. Cool & Care affordable expertise provides you with future-proof switching and routing technology which comes with integrated security, is easy to manage, and provides world-class user experience, flexibility and uptime.


An increased use of multiple devices has been posing an escalating demand on WLAN’s, and therefore administrators are facing an ever-increasing challenge of providing extensive coverage on a growing group of devices. To cope with such intensive bandwidth-related issues, our team of experts put the best practices at work through design and deployment of wireless networks. Our wireless capabilities include antennas, location services outdoor mesh, intrusion prevention, along with ensuring our customers of a secured, reliable and optimum connectivity and performance.


The world of Unified Communication is getting more and more complex with each passing day, and Cool & Care is here to help you sail through it all by revolutionizing the use of familiar technologies. Our methods bring people together and allow them to work more efficiently. We integrate real-time services such as email, instant messaging, video conferencing, telepresence and mobility with an aid of a single interface, and leverage effective collaboration between you and your peers. We take note of your specific needs, evaluate and suggest the most appropriate technology which meets your requirement and adds value in terms of performance and cost optimization.
Our team of experts, over the years, has carved a niche in helping businesses enhance their productivity by steering needful collaboration tools in a flexible environment. All our collaboration strategies align with your business goals and some of the best-suited products, applications and services are provided to you through an easy-to-manage converged infrastructure.

Our knowledge and experience in multivendor integration services makes us one of the most trusted technological partners in the market today, and allows us to address and offer bona-fide solutions to small-scale as well as large-scale enterprises.
With Cool & Care by your side, you can transform your business into an empowered one, and simultaneously expect the following ROIs,
• Enhanced collaboration opportunities
• Simplified sharing of information
• Mobilized workforce
• Faster Decision-making
• Improved customer service
• Increased operational efficiency
• Scaled technology and business growth opportunities
We help you monitor and manage diverse systems, business processes, applications and devices from wherever you want – at the office, in meetings, on the go or even at home! Trust Cool & Care with all your collaboration needs as we reassure you quality and reliability at every step of the way.