Every business varies from the other in several aspects - whether it is the core business goal or its needs for a healthy growth. Talking about needs of a business, cooling plays a key role to make sure the operational activities are carried out in a seamless way, without any hassle. Cool & Care houses a number of cooling equipment to cater to all your industrial cooling needs.


Cool & Care has in store world class AMS III cutting edge inverter central air conditioning system for your home and corporate space. This doesn’t just provide you premium quiet cooling, but is also environment friendly. By installing our AMS III system, you get hands on -
• Multiple Space Coverage with Individual Control
• Easy Installation
• Energy Efficient & Energy Saving
• Ultra-Quiet Operation
• Turbo Cooling
• Precise Temperature Control


We at Cool & Care offer you LCU-ductable air conditioning unit containing reliable scroll compressor, which uses green gas to project best in class airflow and efficiency. LCU-ductable units furnish you with the following benefits -
• Customized Design
• Built-in Reliability
• Easy Installation
• Convenient Service
• High Availability


At Cool & Care, we have come up with a smart solution for all your outdoor cooling needs – it is our new improvised Trane Variable Refrigerant. The TVR II housed by us aims to achieve higher levels of energy efficiencies not just in cooling (EER), but also in heating (COP). This has been made possible by using a highly optimized fan design with a DC fan motor, better heat exchanger, intelligent defrost capacity and brushless Reluctance DC inverter scroll compressors. The benefits include -
• High efficiency
• Increased reliability


Who doesn’t want to put maximum space of a corporate building to use for business? Well, everyone! But, commercial air conditioning systems often tend to bar such a wish, being a complete eyesore. That is what our rooftop cooling system aims to fix - by carrying out the process of cooling through the building’s ductwork. The benefits that you get with it are as follows -
• Lowered installation cost
• Versatile Performance
• Minimized Dirt & Damage


We design our Chillers in such an innovative way, which once mounted on the roof, projects the following advantages ensuring you of a supreme cooling experience -
• Environment friendly
• Highly efficient
• Flexible Performance
We strive to infuse innovation in our cooling solutions, and design and manufacture premium quality air conditioners and chillers that fit your business environment in the best possible way.