Cool & Care understand your unique requirements when it comes to automation, and thus, we have designed and manufactured the best of home automation systems as well as products that fit your corporate automation needs in the most befitting way.
Office Automation:- While technology is undergoing upgradations with every passing moment, it is of utmost importance that you introduce smart solutions to your corporate space as well. Whatever the aspect is, beautification, lighting or temperature control, your business deserves the best in class products! So, let’s have a look at what is in store at Cool & Care to level up the ambiance of your work space!
Home Automation:- Home automation system is no more just a luxury; and its increasing popularity has made its relevance quite evident in recent times. Here’s what we have to offer as far as your home automation needs are concerned.

Home Automation System

• Smart Locks - We house a number of smart locks to ensure tight safety at your home, so that your possessions are safe whether or not you are around.

• Smart Lighting - With Cool & Care smart lighting solutions, your space reflects positive vibes only!

• Smart Cooling - To make sure the tropical climate is stopped right at the other side of your threshold, switch to using our central cooling systems.

• Smart Curtains - With smart curtains from our store, keep the scorching rays at bay and maintain the perfect balance of light and shadow indoors!

Office Automation System

• Smart Conference Room - With room automation reaching out to every other business space these days, it is high time for you to upgrade yours to a smart conference room as well. Set up a smart conference room equipped with cutting edge video conference, multimedia, audio solutions and centralized room booking system housed by Cool & Care, to ensure seamless conferences adding up to your business growth and agility!

• Smart Lighting - Lighting is a direct contributor to what impression your business casts to the clients. Thus, you need to choose a smart lighting automation service that guarantees you an impressive one! The premium LED lights from the house of Cool & Care brings at your fingertips the best in class lighting solutions. Whether you want bright lights or dim, we are all set to cater to all your interior and exterior lighting needs that tag along the promise of longevity and top notch performance!

• Smart Cooling - Cooling plays a significant role when it comes to automation services. To have all your cooling requirements covered, we have designed and manufactured a line of cooling products starting from chillers, rooftop coolers to central air conditioning units and more! The products do not just promise supreme cooling, but also tags along an array of benefits like low maintenance cost, easy installation, temperature control and excellent post-installation services.