Applications – Products & IT Services

In today’s date, every other organization is actively making use of the digital medium for enhancing business growth. In such a scenario, it is of utmost importance for you to get hands on the latest updated version of software that your business needs, and an overall seamless IT service to keep you going. Cool & Care is well versed with all the software application needs that your business could possibly have and so, we blend our experience with innovation in order to furnish you with the best IT service. We cater you with applications aligned with the core goal of your business and ensure you a strong base of loyal customers to contribute to your business welfare.

Applications - products and IT services from Cool & Care

Cool & Care houses the following applications and IT services so that you can take each step forward without any operational bottleneck!

• MS Office
• Virtualization
• Analytics & BI
• Cloud Based Offerings/ SAAS
Custom Software Development
• Document Management System
• HR/ Payroll/ Time Attendance System
• Fleet Management System
• Asset Management System

The myriad range of products covers all your documentation needs through MS Office, reduces capital and operating costs, eliminates downtime, increases IT productivity and efficiency, enhances agility and responsiveness along with faster provisioning of applications and resources, and accomplishment of greater business continuity and disaster recovery. It also simplifies data center management through virtualization, increasing visibility and thereafter provides you with proper insights through analytics and utilization of the best of business intelligence, since the system is trained to take streamlined decisions for you. The cloud based offerings enable you to maintain easy and convenient data storage, personalized computing, sharing and collaboration, on-demand scaling, and a lot more!

On the other hand, the custom service development allows you to put the goodness of client relationship management and enterprise resource planning through CRM and ERP integration. It also works towards minimizing vehicle investment risks, reducing transportation and staff costs, improvement of transport efficiency and increasing productivity for best business results through fleet management system. By means of asset management system, it ensures the return is maximized, risk is managed, maintenance is saved, and process tracking is performed. Besides, it also takes care of HR responsibilities digitally by keeping track of time attendance, payroll, etc.

Thus, by getting hands on our IT applications - products and services, you invite agility and business growth alongside keeping technical glitches at bay which stop your business from soaring towards success!