Scanning Systems

Scanning is an integral part of physical security. This safety measure aims to control access to equipment, facilities, and all types of resources. The sole purpose of this is to protect workforces, network and property from damage, harm or imposition. By performing a system scan luggage, vehicles, and individuals are scrutinized thoroughly using surveillance cameras and notification systems.
Cool & Care houses an array of baggage scanners, vehicle scanners and full body scanners to ensure seamless and hassle-free safety measures for your business or home space.

Benefits of a physical scanner
The benefits of a physical scanner are:
✔ Attaining high level of security
✔ Deterring unauthorized access
✔ Effectively identifying malicious objects

Vehicles Scanners

A vehicle scan is performed with the help of an automotive scan tool (scanner). The purpose is to interface with, diagnose and, often reprogram car control modules. The benefits of a car diagnostic scanner are:
✔ Enhanced fleet and driver’s safety
✔ Easy hints of internal car issues
✔ High compatibility

Full Body Scanner

A full body scanner is used in sensitive locations like airports (and other sites) to scan the entire body and check if any malicious object is being carried by an individual. A full body scanner is beneficial in many aspects as it:
✔ Reveals hidden weapons
✔ Detects metallic and non-metallic objects
✔ Make terrorist attacks more difficult
✔ Less intrusive

Baggage Scanners

A baggage scanner is a special compact X-ray equipped system that is meant for high security premises such as Airports, Government offices, Railways and MRTS checkpoints. They are used to scan any baggage size and have a variety of benefits:
✔ Speeds up passage
✔ Quality display of image
✔ Does not require multiple checking
✔ Operation is easy & user friendly
✔ Superior material identification
✔ Budget-friendly