Right solutions keep businesses in shape. That’s the only possible way to be in momentum and drive success. Thus, our mission is to align our practices and measures in such a way that the resources and IT Services we offer allow our clients to starve and evolve their business bottom line. It matters!


The change can never be overwhelmed. It’s because it is attended with persistence and hard work. That’s called an innovative approach. Our vision is to help every business organization seeking robust IT & Technology Solutions to further making their functioning seamless and remarkably effective. The best part is – Our solutions make the difference that we are having pride of.


We immensely value amazing folks working with us. That’s their efforts and determination that we are able to cope up with the future challenges and evolving needs of target industries at large. Similarly, what matters to us is delivering satisfactory solutions, so our clients experience utmost care and attention towards them. It is what makes the most out of everything!

We at Cool & Care (C&C) help our customers and their businesses stay agile and super-effective in the global marketplace with the help of our robust IT Infrastructure, Security, Fire Protection, Software, Smart Home, and Office Automation & BMS (Building Management System) Solutions, making them feel and experience our support at every step of their success.


Services & Solutions

Information & Communiaction Technology

Fire Safety and protection

Cooling, Lighting Home/Office Automationcal Security

physical Security

Industry Served


The industry demands attentive focus. We understood the operation functioning, found out amazing ways to speed up production process, so our clients could make more profits!


The way things should be examined involves a lot of reasoning, understanding and industry-special expertise. We have helped clients in Construction Industry, making them more productive and innovative at large!


Solutions are about to changing lives. We did it in Medical Industry too. We always understand the obstacles and problems, and try to deliver solutions that match the market demand.

Retail & Shops

These sectors have been successful for our clients. As we developed more strategies and innovative forecasts as to what needs to be done, we got our customers with the best resources to get the operations done effectively


Living with all liberty! There’s tomorrow with more safety and protection. Our clients are happy with what we served them with!


Management is everything! Proper inventory functioning and logistics take a lot of work and analysis. We have successfully dealt clients who have been in Logistics Industry.


This market requires extreme focus and attentive nature. This is how the industry is vast and complex. We have helped mining companies with latest technological solutions to make them operate their functioning in the best possible manner.

Hotel & Motel Industry

Keeping track records and being responsive with all promptness is highly expected in the industry. We have delivered Hotel & Motel Industry solutions matching our client needs and requirements!

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